Flight airline training careers

flightSo, ask yourself this question.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  As a child you may have thought about several different career options that you were interested in.  Your school counselor was probably going through the entire class to try and figure out what she thought you would be good at when you grow up.  Your loved ones have probably also had an impact on what you want to be when you grow up.  No matter who has influenced you the most in your life to help you choose which career path you would like to follow, the final decision is left up to you to decide what you think will be best for yourself and your interests.

If you are like most of the average peoples on this earth then it is a very good chance that you have changed your mind a number of times when you were deciding what you wanted to do for your career.

Have you ever thought about going into a flight airline training program for your college degree?  If you have not you may want to consider this as a career option if you have, or ever had, thoughts about joining a NASA team, or anything that involves an aircraft.  There are also options for people who are interested in joining the air force.  If you are interested in these types of things then you will have to go through the proper training programs in order to legally be able to fly an aircraft.

There is a specialized flight airline training program that is offered to individuals of this interest. There are a variety of different styles and types of aircraft.  Depending on which one in particular that comes of interest to you, there will be corresponding training according to that specific type of aircraft.

The programs that are offered through Flight Training International, will give you the necessary information that you will need to operate an aircraft.  You will then have the opportunity to choose what you would like to be your specialty.  This is just like any other career path that someone would choose to take.  You will decide what program comes of interest to you.  After that you will have the opportunity to decide what you would like your program to have an emphasis on.

The program that is offered for flight airline training would begin according to the type of aircraft you would like to operate.  Every aircraft is slightly different and therefore has to be controlled in a different way.  There may only be a few changes from the operation tasks from one aircraft to the other.  However, the importance of picking out the aircraft that is the most interesting to you will necessary.  This is because the last thing that you would want to do is pay the money to get into a flight airline training program and realize that you have been paying for the wrong program that is the most interesting to you.

The different people and groups that go through flight airline training.

Flight airline training often conjures up visuals of young people, who have never flown an aircraft before, buckling into a plane with an instructor and doing dive bombs through the air.  However, there are many different types of people and groups of people that go through various different types of flight airline training.  Here is a list of some of those people and groups of people.

http://www.flight-training-international.com/Commercial pilots are one of the most common groups of people that go through flight airline training.  They do this for a number of reasons, but the most common is to gain a specific type of type rating.  A type rating is a license to fly a certain kind of aircraft.  Pilots gain type ratings so that they are able to fly specific planes for the companies that they work for.  This could be a 737 type rating, an A330 type rating, or any other kind of type rating.  They have to attend flight airline training to gain this type of rating, and it usually takes them a lot of work to do so.  They have to go through hours of classes, perform hours of tasks such as studying or practicing in flight simulators, and spend days at a time at a training facility to earn their type rating.

A second group of people that will attend some sort of flight airline training in their lives are private pilots.  They must also gain type ratings to be able to fly certain planes.  At flight airline training, they will learn how to take off and land a plane, as well as numerous other things.

Another group of people that will attend flight airline training in their lives are people from NASA.  This does not mean that people from NASA get trained by pilots on how to fly spacecraft, but they will get trained on how to fly certain planes that NASA uses to take pictures of the sky.  Some of the Boeing 747s are outfitted with telescopes that take pictures of space that not even the strongest and largest telescopes on the ground can take.  In order to be able to fly those kinds of planes, NASA employees must be trained.

Military people are a final group of people that must go through various amounts, of varying difficulty, of flight airline training.  There are plenty of flight schools that have instructors who worked for the military for a long time.  These instructors understand all of the different types of Navy, Army, and Air Force aircraft, and how to train those people on how to fly them.  Even many National Guards use flight airline training to train their staff on how to pilot all of the different aircraft that they have.

There is one outstanding company that specializes in training all of these different groups of people.  Flight Training International can help pilots earn their 737 type rating, can help train NASA pilots to fly the 747s, and they even train the New Jersey National Guard.  It is incredible to know that all of these different groups of people need flight airline training.

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Provided You Work Hard and Apply Yourself, You should Be Able to Get through Flight Airline Training.

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flight airline trainingThough most of us have ridden in an airplane, a lot of us do not fully comprehend all of what goes into making any given flight possible.  Of course, if you are an aspiring pilot, you probably have considered this, especially if you are in the process of undergoing pilot training.  The first type of pilot training that you must complete is the basic training, which is the means by which your initial pilot’s license is obtained.  Nonetheless, if you want to be a commercial pilot, there is still a lot more training left ahead of you.  This should not discourage you, though, if piloting is what you are passionate about.  Provided you work hard and apply yourself, you should be able to get through flight airline training.

As with any other field, flight airline training is no guarantee of a job.  That being said, pilots are always sought-after and the more skilled you are, the more stable your career.  Because of this, it pays to take your flight airline training seriously.  You will get as much out of it as you put in.  Flight airline training is not one simple course that you can take, though. As a matter of fact, each course is only enough to get you certified to fly one type of aircraft.  These certifications, which are called type ratings, are similar to driver’s licenses.  The difference is that a driver’s license lets you drive any vehicle and a type rating only certifies you to fly one aircraft.  The reason the standards need to be so stringent is the fact that planes are quite a bit more complicated than most other types of machinery that you will deal with in your lifetime.  Each aircraft has its own specific idiosyncrasies that make it different from every other aircraft.  Do not let this discourage you, though, as earning even one type rating can put you on the path to becoming a career pilot.

Picking which type rating or type ratings to seek out, for your career, is an important step in the process of becoming a career pilot.  Since you are trying to make a living, you need to consider which aircrafts people will pay you to fly.  When it comes to commercial airlines, they are not very imaginative, and there are only a few basic models that you need to learn about.  Earning just a couple of type ratings can make you a very versatile pilot, in the eyes of your potential employers.

The type ratings that will be the most useful tend to be the ones that are the most common, as well.  This may seem counterintuitive, but you need to remember that you are not training to be a stunt pilot.  Commercial airlines want reliability over fancy tricks.  Three of the most useful aircrafts to learn how to fly are the Airbus a320, the Airbus a330, and the Boeing 737.  Obtaining an a320 type rating or a 737 type rating can be the catalyst you need to start your commercial piloting career.

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The Program that Commercial Pilots Must Undergo is Known as Flight Airline Training.

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flight airline trainingFor thousands of years, human beings have dreamed of being able to soar in the sky.  About a hundred years ago, people actually figured out how to do that.  Nowadays, flying through the air, using a flying machine, is no longer considered to be as amazing as it once was.  That being said, it is still very commendable to be able to pilot any sort of aircraft.  It is difficult to learn and requires a lot of patience and focus, to master.  If you want to actually make a living as a pilot, you need to undergo even more extensive training than the amateurs undergo.  The program that commercial pilots must undergo is known as flight airline training.  Even becoming an amateur pilot requires a great deal of conviction, but the program to train commercial pilots is even more rigorous.  This is necessary, though, as the lives of every passenger are in their hands, every time they get in the air.

If you are considering pursuing a piloting career, you need to understand the extensiveness of the training it necessitates.  First and foremost, you need to obtain your actual pilot’s license, which only certifies you to fly small planes for personal purposes.  In order to actually make money off of your skill, you will need to complete at least one flight airline training program.  Each one of these programs can only certify you to fly one specific type of aircraft, though, so you need to be smart about selecting one.  These certifications, or type ratings, take a long time to earn, so it is not worth it to learn an aircraft that is not widely used.  Fortunately, the type ratings offered most often by flight airline training schools tend to be the ones that are the most widely used.  After all, compatibility is always of the utmost importance, and this is especially true of type ratings.  So, since you have the option of picking which type ratings you want to seek out, you have the obligation to do a little research, to find the one that sounds best for you.  Since airlines are all about practicality, there are only a few basic aircrafts that they tend to rely on, for just about everything.  Knowing exactly what you want to do can help you determine which training program to undergo.

Still, figuring out which aircrafts to learn about is not that difficult.  After all, the ones that are the most widely used seem to be the ones that everyone has already heard of.  So, if you have not heard of an aircraft, you should maybe be apprehensive about learning how to fly it.  One exceptionally popular and reliable aircraft for longer flights is the Airbus a330.  The a330, as opposed to the a320 is bigger.  Not only that, it is designed to be able to go much further than either the Boeing 737 or the Airbus a320.  So, if you are eager to take on some international flights, an a330 type rating is probably the way to go.


Flight Training Intl.

3401 Quebec St.

Suite 9150, Denver, CO 80207

Enroll: 1-303-329-0999

Toll Free: 1-800-233-0050


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Can I Easily Be a Pilot?

Travel the world and receive a full payment for it. It seems like a crazy concept that many people are able to do it through work these days. Because the business world is changing traveling the world is needed to be done.

Pilots And the Global Economy

It is a global economy anymore and being able to have everything done we need people to travel the world to move people one place to another. Through flight airline training, pilots are one of the most influential piece in getting travelers throughout the world. They are the ones that have taken all the passengers from here to there. They have been throughout the world because they have brought everybody else there. They get to travel the world and they are paid for it. Becoming a pilot can be a time Consuming process. You have to know a lot about airplanes how to maneuver and you have to have many hours of training behind you to be a will to be a commercial pilot. He can be a rewarding job and the view you have his unbeatable.

Becoming a Pilot Isn’t Necessarily Difficult

Many have become pilots I am sure just to be a will to sit in the seat of the cockpit and be able to see that view. Being a pilot means that you have to be very responsible and the fact that you are in charge of ensuring the safety of thousands of passengers who fly on aircraft daily you have to be top-notch.

Each type rating for aircraft is different and there are many types of aircraft that are available to fly.

The 737-Type Ranking is the Most Familiar Type Ranking

The 737 is one of the most popular commercial airplanes on the market today. There are many people who have trained to become pilots to be able to fly a 737 type rating. If you have flown anywhere throughout the country this probably been on one of these planes.

They’re very common and are used throughout the world. It is a great airline jet and it can be a great way to fly. When you were getting into flight training you’ll want to be in an airplane that is going to fit you and where it goes

If you do not want to be jumping to far apart you want to be able to be closer to home this is an airline that can keep you in that company.

Flying a 737 Boeing Type-Rating is So Easy

Flying a 737 Boeing type-rating takes a little bit of training and you have to get the hours met in order to be able to fly one of these. Once you have your hours that you need you can enroll in the course that will allow you to learn to be a pilot of a 737 type Rating. This is one of the longest running aircraft for commercial flight that are out there today. It can be a great way to go because of their large numbers that are available today. Being able to fly one of these is a privilege.

When you are choosing which way you want to go and what type of playing you want to be the pilot. You want to know all about the plane including what it does, how far it flies and number of passengers that it carries. These are all factors to take in consideration to see if the Boeing 737 type-rating plane is right for you.

737 Type Rating and More

When I was younger, I had the good fortune of traveling a bit. Between school-sponsored trips abroad to the Peace Corps, I was on planes quite a bit. My mother would always tell me to call as soon as I landed to let her know that I had made it safely. My father would always butt in at that point and say, “Oh, come on. If a plane goes down in the Atlantic Ocean, we’ll have heard about it.” flight airline trainingThe implication was, of course, that planes hardly ever crash.

The reason why that is the case is because the standards for achieving a 737 type rating to fly commercial planes are very high. Not any old person can just take an online course and then sit behind the wheel of a massive plane. There are all kinds of federal certifications that are needed. But beyond even the safety guidelines and certifications needed by the government, there are also very rigorous tests, which once passed result in a type rating. These rating indicate which planes you are qualified to fly based upon which kind of training you have completed. All of these ratings, 737 not least of these, are hard to achieve.

The reason is not terribly hard to understand. There is a lot at stake. First and foremost, there are human lives at stake and not just yours. In the same way that a bus driver is the only person that is operating the vehicle yet lots of others are in his or her protection, a plane is just the same only a mistake can pay higher dividends. Less importantly (but important nonetheless) is that there is also a very expensive machine at stake. There is no bumper on a plane just in case of a fender bender. This is why it is so hard to achieve a type rating and why it is so important to find a good and credible flight training school. Find a flight training school in which you are able to work closely with your instructors, who are likely going to be current or former pilots themselves.

This allows you to get more specialized and personalized training from them. They are going to be able to explain challenging concepts in a way that meets your personal way of thinking. They will also be able to share with you the wisdom of their experience. This is valuable as a instructional level. It may also prove to be valuable when you are interviewing for jobs. You will be able to use this close and personal instruction to demonstrate the value of your education to a future employer. And they know as well as anyone that putting someone in the cockpit of a plane is no small matter. They are looking for the right person. With the right kind of type training and the right flight airline training, you could be just that person. You will be prepared for a career on the road, so to speak, and one that depends highly on you.

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A320 Type Rating – How To Get One?

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The Airbus A320 family is a family of short- to medium-range, narrow-body, commercial passenger jet manufactured by Airbus.  The A320 family opened up the use of digital fly-by-wire flight control systems in a commercial aircraft. It was also the first, and currently the only, narrow body aircraft in the Airbus lineup.  Anyone who has to pilot an aircraft has to undergo necessary flight airline training conducted by several accredited airline academies.

What is Type Rating?

What is an A320 Type Rating or any type rating for that matter?  It is a requirement that all Civil Aviation Authorities entail you to complete before you may fly a complex type of aircraft or helicopter.  Unlike light aircraft where you would complete a Class Rating and then be competent to fly a group of similar planes, the Type Rating goes into far more profound depending on the difficulty of the aircrafts systems and flying characteristics.

The Type Rating would take the structure of an element of Ground School which some airline academies are offering, Fixed Base simulator training and then Full Flight simulator training on very sophisticated level D devices. The final requirement would be to actually fly six touch and go’s in the form of six circuits. Once all the required training has taken place with an approved TRTO (Type Rating Training Organization) then the aircraft rating is issued onto the candidate’s professional flying license.

A320 Type Rating

type training

How to get started with A320 type rating?

Requirement for Enrollment:

A trainee must hold at least one of the following pilot qualifications

  • An FAA commercial pilot certificate,
  • A commercial or ATP certificate (without limitation) issued by an International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) country, or
  • Evidence of United States (U.S.) military pilot qualification within the past 12 calendar-months (such as aeronautical orders or flight time logs).


Required Experience:

  • Previously qualified as SIC
  • 500 Hours of Actual flight time as a Second in Command and currently be serving as a Second in Command.


Flight Training International offers Airbus A320 Type Rating training under their flight airline training.  Only one type rating is required to fly these aircraft, as they have remarkably similar flight decks. The Airbus a320 is a very complex aircraft that is simple to operate and fly.  To earn a type rating for these aircraft requires the achievement of a technical course that lasts anywhere from 8 to 12 days depending on the pilot.  500 hours of flight time are one of the prerequisites of the course therefore this is not a course for new pilots.

The Airbus A320 type rating courses involve a diverse set of curriculum, including training manuals, computer-based home study, full-motion simulation, ground instruction, and more. Earning a type rating is not something to be taken lightly; it is a broad academic experience for pilots wishing to grow their skills in aviation. Improving your expertise as an aviator can only serve to expand your career opportunity.

Enroll in Flight Training International and see the difference of earning your type rating.  Training locations for a320 type training for FTI are located in Miami and Denver.  Call FTI for further information.

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A330 Type Rating From FTI

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Getting sort appraisals from Flight Training International is simpler than selecting for sort rating projects from vast carriers. Our courses are taught by in excess of 100 present and previous aerial shuttle pilots, and their experience with significant transporters and carriers will furnish you with all the information needed to win your sort rating. At Flight Training International, it is our mission to open the avenue to any pilot intrigued by a330 type rating, or simply taking their flight experience to the following level. 

In the realm of expert pilot preparing, getting another sort rating could be troublesome for an assortment of reasons. Sort rating expense, class openings and course quality are all elements that can crash a pilot’s way to turning into a business carrier pilot. At Flight Training International, our a330 type rating, a330, a340, 737 and 747 projects are outfitted to help pilots stay away from snags to their flight preparing and furnish them with the best sort rating classes on the planet. 

On the off chance that you have been searching for open doors to get new sort appraisals, don’t falter! Our sort rating classes fill rapidly. In the event that you are intrigued by bringing your flight preparing to the following level, Flight Training International has an open door for you. Enhancing your guiding ability can just serve you well in your excursion to turn into a top-level proficient pilot. 

Flight Training International is committed to progressing the vocations of expert pilots and created aerial shuttle and freight transporters. It is our guarantee to provide for you finish and far reaching preparing and backing to guarantee top of the line fulfillment, effectiveness, quality, or more all, customized, singular showing that fits your taking in style. We are the heading flight school in a330 type rating, a330, a340, 737 and 747. 

Numerous moneylenders won’t offer various sorts of home loans for each sort of refinancing credit. It may rely on upon your purpose behind refinancing. It is safe to say that you are recognizing a330 type rating credits or second home loans? A home value credit might be gained in one protuberance total or as a home value line of credit that you can get from when required. A second a330 type rating is simply what it seems like, an optional home loan credit on your home. The greatest distinction between these is the investment rates and the reimbursement terms. 

It is safe to say that you are searching for a bill combining advance or a home remodel contract? A few loan specialists will attempt to talk you into a more conventional advance for bill merging, yet be watchful in light of the fact that these customary advances are ordinarily not assess deductible while a home loan just about dependably is. For a home remodel credit you will need to figure out the amount more your home will be worth once the redesign is finished and this could influence the extent to which you are qualified to acquire. 

In the event that you are resigned and simply require the additional cash to appreciate your retirement and your month to month wage sufficiently isn’t to do the things you need, a converse home loan could be an alternative you need to take a gander at. Essentially with an opposite home loan, the advance organization makes contract installments to you. This is a honestly new and to some degree confused sort of home loan so you will need to take a seat with a bank and get the greater part of the data. 

Home loan rates come in distinctive shapes and sizes to fit each need and identity. Yes, identity. Do you have a danger taking identity? Do you delight in the danger of the clubhouse or money markets? You may be more intrigued by a customizable rate contract. Customizable rate home loans rates and installments climb and fall with the investment rates broadly. This could be an incredible approach to spare cash when the home loan rates are down yet when they go up, your installments go up, as well. 

On the off chance that your identity is more progressive, you put resources into bank accounts or CD’s and you won’t even purchase a lottery ticket, then an altered rate home loan is likely more your style. Your premium will be somewhat higher with an altered home loan rate, yet your installments will dependably be the same regardless of where the lodging business is five years from now. This is the more secure, yet frequently pricier contract.

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Different type ratings lead to different career opportunities

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No matter what kind of pilot you want to be, having the right type rating certificates is a must. For some career paths only having the one or two different type ratings that you need to fly the small variety of planes you will be in contact will be enough. For people who want to get some of the better and more well paid jobs out there it is incredibly useful to obtain as many different type rating certificates as possible. type ratingHaving a variety of type rating certificates makes you more useful to an employer and shows that you are really one of the more experienced and determined pilots out there. This doesn’t mean that every pilot should go out and get as many type ratings as they can but if you are a pilot it is important to give a large amount of consideration to exactly where you want to take your career and how you are most likely to achieve those goals. Some of the most high end and well-paid pilot gigs out there is being a pilot for Americas wealthiest men and women who hold a steady discontent for the environmental issues that go along with personal jets.  To be one of the very few men and women who get these jobs require a number of good connections as well as a very diverse set of skills and type ratings. You have to be ready to do and fly anything so many employers will require that you have at lest a few type rating certifications. Even if you work at a large flight company or an airline, those with the most type ratings usually get the best jobs and are the most desired in the job market. There are some companies and career paths though where people who maybe don’t have a vast array of experience on different planes but have a very strong knowledge and experiences on whatever rating they have are an important piece of the company. It all is dependent on what kinds of planes your company uses and how much they expand to different planes or if they continuously use the same one or two. The best way to figure out exactly which type ratings will serve you best to have is to take a serious look at what kind of pilot you want to be and where you want to take your career over time. If you really want to fly the big airbuses an A320 type rating or an A330 type rating might be just what you need to bring your career to the next step. If however you don’t care to fly something that gargantuan you can always sick with the training courses that will keep you in the realm of smaller aircrafts. If you do decide to get any one of your type rating certificate, make sure you find a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) under 14CFR61 of if you would rather enroll in a school you can enroll in a course at a 14CFR141 approved flight school.

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Many Pilots Start With Their A320 Type Rating

Planes, trains and automobiles; if you had to choose an occupation in either one of these fields, which would you choose? There are many reasons to want to get involved with either but I believe that they each deserve to be investigated and analyzed. There are many capacities in which one could work in either industry, there’s manufacturing and production, sales, design, engineering, research and development and distribution, just to name a few. I don’t want to talk about all of those different divisions though, I’d rather think about which job in either industry would be the most enjoyable. So, when I look at all three of these industries, I immediately think that being a pilot and actually flying planes would be the funnest job. Being a test driver for a sports car company would be really fun as well, but why drive when you can fly? Being a train conductor would be an ok job as too, maybe not as fun as a test driver but still, it doesn’t really compare to what it would be like to fly for a living. Let’s say that you agree and you want to take a look into what it would take to become a pilot. Like any business in this world that deals with the safety of people and the legal liabilities that go along with it, many hours of training and teaching are required. More often than not, commercial airline pilots got many hours of flight time at a flight airline trainingflight airline training school flying much smaller aircraft than a commercial airliner. It’s important that a pilot can operate smaller aircraft because it requires more skill and concentration than flying a big jetliner. Most pilots, more or less, graduate into commercial airline pilot jobs after spending a decent amount of the careers flying other smaller aircraft. Most of the first commercial airline pilots there ever were in the United States were World War I and II veterans who flew bombers and/or fighter jets in the one of the wars. When airline travel became affordable, it gained a lot of popularity and despite the untrue rumors that it was unsafe, it was actually the safest way to travel. More people who drive a car or ride a bike on a daily business put themselves in more danger than they would if they flew in a commercial airliner everyday. The pathway to becoming a pilot is a lot different now than it was and a lot of pilots will start off by getting their A320 type rating because this single type rating certifies them to be able to fly five different kinds of aircraft because all of their individual flight decks are almost identical. Then, if the pilot aspires to fly commercially, they move on to get their 737 type rating so they can learn to fly bigger, commercial jets for a major airline. So, I know that we didn’t explore the automobile and train industries much, but that was only because being a pilot would be an enjoyable, profitable career.

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Online Training Gets Your Type Rating Faster

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Juggling a job, a family, and your ambitions to become a pilot can be a big hassle. For those that are already entrenched in a job but want to pursue a career in flying, scheduling could be the hardest part. It is not easy to find the time. If you quite your job, how will you afford the training that ultimately awards you your A320 type rating or other kinds of certification? If you keep your job so that you can afford the training, how will you have time? This conundrum is not unfamiliar with the schools that are offering this training. They have seen it before, and they have come up with different ways of accommodating these types of problems. Increased locations is a huge improvement to many of these institutions. For some parts of the instruction, you simply must be in person and get the hands-on experience. But what is the need for multiple locations when the Internet is everywhere? Online courses are another way that people are getting around some of these logistical restraints. Much of the coursework that is needed for your A330 type rating can be done on paper, so to speak. Becoming a great pilot is a combination of technical skills that need to be learned with hands on training and informational skills that can be learned from a book. For the informational side of the education, this can be done online. This allows you to learn at your own pace. The schedule of a student is a whacky one. And it does not work for most people. With online courses, you can start and stop your education whenever it is convenient for you. You are going to love the flexibility. Not only do you have a job that you need to carry out in order to afford the instruction, but you also want a life. That means that some nights you cannot be in class. Online courses allow you to maintain your professional life, family life, and your academic life. This also means that you can complete flight school at your rate. If you want to storm through it, you can commit hours and hours to the coursework, creating a type of self-taught intensive course. In this scenario, you will be putting forth a ton of effort, and it will be no simple task. But you will be getting your coursework and attendant certification and type rating faster, too. On the other hand, you could take the rate down a bit and do your coursework more slowly. In terms of pedagogy, this could be more beneficial. You have more time to familiarize yourself with the familiar and grind it into your mind. But there is a way for any kind of student and any kind of schedule when you do a portion of your total coursework online. Some of the work is going to have to be done in-person. This is why it is beneficial to have multiple locations. But it is only a portion and the rest can be done conveniently online.

flight airline training

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Commercial Pilot Retires to Flight Airline Training to Become a Personal Pilot

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From the time he was old enough to understand what it meant to fly, Mark had wanted to be a pilot. He was fascinated by the sky, by planes, and by the idea of flying several miles above the earth. Mark went on to study aviation in college and ultimately led a very successful commercial piloting career, with thousands of flights under his belt. At fifty, he decided he was ready to retire from piloting commercial aircraft, and left his job behind. With excellent retirement benefits he was not in a hurry to find a new job, and in fact, decided he wanted to devote more of his attention to becoming a pilot of small personal aircraft instead.

As a longtime commercial jet pilot, Mark was going to need some additional training to make the transition to the much smaller and lighter personal planes that are owned by individuals and small businesses, and those who fly for pleasure and not for work. He got himself enrolled in a local type rating training class geared specifically for those types of planes, and spent several weeks studying and training with an instructor. He found he really enjoyed how much lighter and quicker the smaller planes were to respond to his direction, and that auto-pilot was not the standard feature that it was on the large jets. It was this type of flight airline training that led him to realize he could have a second career as a personal pilot, flying smaller jets for those who required those services.

Mark had never considered a career in smaller planes, and had not flown them enough to learn to enjoy them. He found that he was a natural, and decided he preferred them to the large jets he was so accustomed to flying. His natural expertise and friendly demeanor led him to become a popular pilot for hire at the local airfield, and he delved head first into the second pilot career of his lifetime. His type rating training served him well, and he continued to advance his career flying smaller planes.

There is something incredibly liberating about setting your own hours and schedule, and deciding which jobs to take and which jobs to turn down. Mark was offered many pilot jobs over the years that he turned down in favor of his commercial airline job. Now he was turning down jobs because he had so many good opportunities and not enough time to take them all. He did not want to over work himself, so he was careful to keep to a strict schedule of a set number of hours per week. His personal pilot career has given him more satisfaction over the past couple of years than his initial pilot job did, but he recognizes that he would not be where he is today without that first experience to make him realize how special his situation is right now. Mark will happily retire from personal piloting in a few years, but until then, he is keeping busy flying smaller planes for other people.

flight airline training

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Obtaining a new type rating

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I have been an airline pilot for several years now, but I am nowhere near retirement yet. So that means that I must continually increase and renew my type ratings, otherwise I will be overlooked when it comes to promotions and I will not excel as quickly as I would like for my career. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because type ratings are certifications that we need in order to keep up with all the new technologies and the relevant new information for the entire industry. This is so pertinent for pilots that our industry insists our employers send us to flight training school every few years to ensure our type ratings are up to the current standard and are not lagging behind or nearing their expiration dates. There is really no reason for this to lag or get held up, as they offer these classes in very convenient locations and at times that employers are required to allow their pilots to attend. The only hold up is that so many pilots need to get into these classes to increase and renew their type ratings, that it can be difficult to get it done in time. There is always a waiting list, if you don’t sign up in time you may be left out of the round of type rating classes and occasionally that means your rating my expire. But that really is just a rookie mistake, as all of us pilots understand the importance of keeping our type rating up to date, and we always are on the look out for the qualifying classes and sign up as soon as they become available.

On the other hand, taking time away from the cockpit to ensure that out type ratings are up to speed means that we are losing out on flying hours, which are necessary for promotions and increases in salary and skill qualifying levels. This is a trade off, and in the months when a type rating renewal course is offered, many of us take extra trips so as to ensure that we are not going to lose any of our flying hours for that quarter. These can be hard to build up, and losing out on any of them can cause problems farther down the road. No one wants to be in a position where they do not have enough qualifying flight hours for their level of skill or their level of employment. So the benefits of the type rating renewals must always be weighed with the loss of qualifying flight hours, and the scheduling of your flight plans should always reflect and support both of these requirements. It can be a difficult balance to attain, but after several years in this industry, it usually begins to come naturally. You start to think about all of these planning items each year when you are laying out your schedule and planning for any necessary type rating increases or renewal periods. It is the years when those are not an issue that are best for increasing the flight times that you need for promotions.

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Flight Airline Training Qualifies You to Be a Commercial Pilot.

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flight airline trainingFlight simulators are fun, but more advanced versions of them are actually used to train people to pilot an aircraft.  People who are training to become pilots spend hours training on advanced flight simulators.  Some of the people who become licensed to pilot an aircraft do so for fun, while others do it to get a career as a commercial pilot.  Flight airline training qualifies you to be a commercial pilot.  Getting this certification is a good way to start your career.  Anyone who is passionate about aviation should consider being a commercial pilot.  A lot of airlines use aircraft that require extra qualifications to fly them, though.  If you are trying to establish a career as a commercial airline pilot, you may want to get certified to fly one of these types of aircraft.  The certifications are known as type ratings.  If you have a Boeing 737 type rating, you can legally fly a Boeing 737.  The reason this is required is the fact that some aircraft are more complicated than others and require special training.  Boeing 737 is an aircraft that is very commonly utilized by many different commercial airlines.  It is a smart type rating to obtain, since it is such a common aircraft.  There are a lot of other type ratings that are smart to get, too.  The Airbus A320 is another aircraft that is practical to learn how to fly.  If you want to work for a commercial airline, getting an Airbus A320 type rating is a good idea.

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If You are Interested in Aviation, You Should Complete Flight Airline Training and Become a Pilot.

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flight airline trainingIdeally, everyone would be able to pursue a career that involves doing what they love to do.  Unfortunately, so many people end up with a career that they truly do not enjoy.  Some people do get to mix their passion with their career, and they are lucky.  Some people are very interested in flight.  If you are interested in aviation, you should complete flight airline training and become a pilot.  It is not an easy training program, so if you are not passionate about the subject, then you probably should undergo the training.  If you are fascinated by flight, then you may truly enjoy it.  There are various schools that offer this sort of flight training across the country.  Once you have found the school that is right for you, you just need to complete the training program.  You will have to spend hours practicing on both flight simulators and in real aircraft.  The training is so extensive simply because so much is at stake every time anyone flies a plane.  If the pilot makes a mistake, everyone in the plane could be killed.  Pilots are aware of this, so they take extra precautions so nothing bad happens.  Once you have completed flight airline training, there may be further training ahead of you.  You will probably want to get a type rating that allows you to fly some certain type of aircraft.  These are good certifications to earn because many of the aircraft that require them are the aircraft that are most commonly used by the commercial airlines.

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To Become Certified to Be an Airline Pilot, You Must Go Through Flight Airline Training.

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flight airline trainingSome people have trouble even passing the test to get their driver’s license.  The qualifications to become a licensed driver are not that strict, though.  The qualifications to become a licensed pilot are fairly strict.  To learn how to fly, you need to be taught by a pilot.  People that become pilots have to go through extensive training and spend hours of time practicing on flight simulators.  To become certified to be an airline pilot, you must go through To become certified to be an airline pilot flight airline training.  This is a very rigorous training program that helps to prepare you for the responsibility of being an airline pilot.  Of course, when you are flying a commercial jet, many people’s lives are on the line.  That is why you must be so focused and alert if you want to be a pilot.  Most people that become pilots do so because they truly enjoy flying.  Most pilots are passionate about what they do, which is why they go through the training.  Once you are certified to fly an aircraft, there are still more certifications to get.  Many kinds of aircraft require further training to operate.  This is why there are further certifications that must be acquired to fly them.  In order to fly many specific kinds of commercial aircraft, you must obtain a new type rating.  Type ratings are the certifications that allow you to fly these aircrafts.  If you do obtain a new type rating, it can start you on the path to a career.  Airline companies will always need qualified pilots.

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Flight Training: A Goal for Many

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Achieving the status of pilot is an accomplishment worth celebrating, that is certain.  Many people who attend flight training school discover the task is more than they expected, and end up leaving. To become a professional aviator is a dedicated road of study and hands-on experience.  Flight experience is absolutely necessary to one’s ongoing success as a pilot; many pilots are hired based on the merits of their experience alone.  My cousin, who has since become a commercial pilot, started out flying crop dusters in his teenage years.

But in order to become a easy-to-hire commercial airline pilot (arguably the cushiest piloting job), one must obtain the specific credentials known as aircraft type ratings.  Many experienced pilots know that major airlines require pilots to complete flight training courses and obtain type ratings to fly different types of aircraft, especially in the commercial sector.  Some airlines will give experienced pilots personal scholarships to flight training school simply to obtain a new type rating for a particular plane.  Usually, that will only happen if a pilot has obtained a type rating in the past, and is seeking to expand their skillset and step up for the airline with which they are currently flying.  As a display of commitment to the pilot, the airline pays for their flight training, because the airline will benefit from that training.

Attending flight training school for aircraft type ratings is an excellent way for a pilot to improve their resume by becoming licensed to fly more complex or specialized aircraft.  However, unless a pilot is regularly flying that craft, some of that knowledge might not be put to use.  Any pilot who takes the time to earn a type rating should be certain that rating will be utilized in the future, lest the knowledge be squandered.  Why earn a diploma for something you will never actually do?  It is certainly a question to consider for anyone wanting to earn a new type rating at flight training school.

Attending flight training school to become a pilot is how many young children are able to grow up and fulfill a dream, the dream of flight.  Aviation is one of the great accomplishments of humanity, giving way to spaceflight and other amazing technological developments.  The development of powerful aircraft can single-handedly sustain the dreams of children all over the world, the mystery and magic of flight brought to them as birds fly through their neighborhoods and planes carrying people all over the world fly over their heads.  It is an inspiring thought to say the least.

Aircraft Type Rating Program

One example of an Aircraft Type Rating Program.

Flight training school is not for the faint of heart, however.  If one is not dedicated with both their mind and spirit, becoming a pilot can become a next-to-impossible task.  As a pilot, one is responsible for the lives of their passengers and the safety of their cargo.  It is not a responsibility to be taken lightly.  When someone dedicates themselves to the goal of aviation, it is something worth celebrating.  Being a pilot is one of the few career choices that serves to fulfill the dreams of the young.  If that is not worth celebrating, I am not sure what is.




Loving my a330 type rating

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I never really thought that I would make it this far in life, but I really have climbed the ladder as well as I knew how and I made it to a really high spot that I am now really proud of. After becoming a pilot after college, and continued down the path of learning and have finally been able to earn my a330 type rating.  Its not really a goal that I ever thought I would reach, as there was just so much required in terms of time in the sky and hours on the ground and all the book study and experiences that I had to have while in flight and react to in a specific set aside way. I wasn’t sure I would ever get there, but today I finally have. I really think this is what it feels like to sit on the pinnacle during your career, and begin to just relax a little bit and enjoy where you have come to and come from. It was so long ago that I started, and I’ve been working toward the a330 type rating ever since. Now that there is nothing else to work toward, I am going to be able to give myself a little bit of a break. I have to stay up on the new research and the new equipment, and I have to stay sharp. But I no longer have to aggressively pursue this classification because I have it now. There is nothing else that is higher than this.

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Needing my type rating at a320

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I realize now that I really need to get my a320 type rating out of the way, and that really I think I just waited too long to sign up for a class. I wanted to take the night classes that they offer once a week for several weeks, but of course those filled up long before I was able to get around to getting the registration in, and so those are no longer an option for me. I’m going to have to take a week off from work and do the full day week long training course that will give me my a320 at the end, because that is the only option left and I have to get it done by the end of the year. I suppose that giving up a week of work is better than not being able to work at all because I don’t have the certification, but it still is such a bummer that I let myself get busy and just never go the registration in. That way I would have been able to do it after work at night and I wouldn’t have been bothered about the day class. But now I have to do the full 8 day class that they offer in the span of one week essentially. Its required that I have the a320 type rating, and so I have no choice but to do it, because mine expires at the end of the year. I just wish I had not waiting to long to do it.

Flight Training Intl.

3401 Quebec St.

Suite 9150, Denver, CO 80207

Enroll: 1-303-329-0999

Toll Free: 1-800-233-0050

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Waiting for my flight airline training husband

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I swear, I spend so much of my time waiting for my husband to come home from work and spend time with his family. Its somewhat ridiculous how long it takes him to get through a work day, and I often resent him for it as I have the babies at home and could use the help. He is a training for the flight airline training school here in town, and that means that he does a lot of classroom work and he also has to supervise the students when they are doing their flying portion of the class, and this is what can take so long. When they get up in the air, if the student does something wrong, they have to start over again. So they can be doing flying lessons all day long or just an hour, it depends on how well the student is learning from the instructor, my husband. I try not to get angry when he comes home late, I know that he was really trying to teach a student who was having a really hard time learning whatever lesson it was that day. And my husband is the best teacher they have at the flight airline training center and he is the one who is always requested the most from the other teachers, because he spends the necessary time to teach them. But it does have an impact on us when he isn’t home as much as he should be, and it is the flight airline training school that gets him.

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